Women’s Social and Political Union founded 1903 October 10th

62 Nelson Street, Manchester

10 October 1903, British political activist and suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst founds the Women’s Social and Political Union (WSPU), a women-only political movement and militant organization which campaigned for women’s suffrage in the United Kingdom from 1903 to 1917 at 62 Nelson Street, Manchester.

You are invited to join in the commemoration on our radio show broadcast on KRNN JUNEAU @ 1700 hours Alaska time on Saturday October 9th. Live link —-https://www.ktoo.org/listen/krnn/

At the home of the Pankhurst family. Emmeline Pankhurst, along with two of her daughters, Christabel and Sylvia, and her husband, Richard, before his death in 1898, had been active in the Independent Labour Party (ILP), founded in 1893 by former Scottish miner Keir Hardie, a family friend] (Hardie later founded the Labour Party.)

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