Voting Activist Anna Strauss: born 1899, September 20th

Wyatt, Gavin, and Jonah, canine poll watchers.

Anna Lord Strauss (1899–1979) was an influential civic leader that was mainly a feminist/women’s right activist, and perhaps one of her greatest accomplishments was her push for the creation of the United Nations. She was also recognized widely and appointed to certain positions for her ability to work effectively with women of many different cultures and backgrounds. “September 20, 1899 born. New York City, New York”

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Between 1931 and 1933 she was librarian for the New York Department of Labor. In 1934 she became a member of the board of directors for the National League of Women Voters.

In 1951, Miss Strauss was a member of the President’s Commission on Educa- tion Beyond High School. She served in the President’s People to People Program and served on the boards of the Women’s African Commission and other organizations, including the National Council of Negro Women Education Fund and the Republicans for Progress.

Under auspices of the United Nations, she traveled in 1953 as a lecturer on women’s activities in the Far East, Malaya, Indonesia, Japan and the Philippines.

Among her numerous awards were honorary degrees from Hood College, in Frederick, Md., and Temple University in Philadelphia. Miss Strauss, a member of the Society of Friends, maintained a farm in Newton, Conn.

Anna Strauss, League of Women Voters national president from 1944 to 1950, believed in simplicity, brevity, and consensus building, Truman named her to the Commission on Internal Security and Individual Rights in 195

Strauss’ simple act of volunteering was inspirational for many because she managed to turn her voluntary work into a major career in public service.[2] Due to her influence, Connecticut College has a scholarship award in Strauss’ honor for a senior that has completed a great amount of community service.[7]

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