From the Bottom of the Top: Julian Fellowes born 17 August 1949

What would it be like to be the lord or lady of an English estate?  By contrast, what it be like to be the butler or the housekeeper of a Victorian castle? 

We are given a glimpse of such lives through the story of Downton Abbey whose narrative was written by Julian Fellowes born on 17 August 1949. 

His ancestors includes a Royal Army medical doctor during the reign of Britain’s George III, and a  any Admiral who served with Lord Nelson.

He lives in Dorset, England, in a house built in 1633 on 50 acres.

 Julian Fellowes recalls his fathers advice that: If you are born into a generation which must earn its living, then you might as well do something amusing.

There is almost nothing in your house that does not tell something about you.

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